Innovative University: digital – international – transformative

The series Innovative Hochschule: digital – international – transformativ (Innovative University: digital – international – transformative) offers a platform for academic exchange in the field of higher education development. It addresses actors from higher education research, management and administration, as well as teaching staff. The series is characterized by three keywords:

  • Digital: Contributions address digitalization processes in higher education curricula, academic cooperation, and administrative practice, as well as their implications for the respective stakeholders.
  • International: Various perspectives on the dimensions of comprehensive internationalization of higher education institutions are discussed, with particular emphasis on innovative approaches.
  • Transformative: Further transformations that higher education institutions undergo based on shifts in their self-conception, or in reaction to changes in their societal and political environment, are presented.

This series covers academic contributions, works that connect theory and practice, and theses. Publications can be of either empirical or theoretical-conceptual nature, and they can be composed in either German or English.

Editors Elisa Bruhn Elisa Bruhn

Dr. Elisa Bruhn is Policy Advisor for Higher Education at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). She has extensive experience in higher education research and administration as well as in international cooperation in higher education and science.

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Svenja Bedenlier
Svenja Bedenlier

Dr. Svenja Bedenlier is an assistant professor of e-learning in higher and adult education in the Department of Education and the Institute for Innovation in Learning at the Fried-rich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nürnberg.

© Stefanie Peters, Oldenburg Tanja Reiffenrath Tanja Reiffenrath

Dr. Tanja Reiffenrath, of the Department for Student and Academic Affairs, at the Uni-versity of Göttingen, is responsible for the internationalization of the curricula. In this position, she supports teaching staff in the integration of international and transcultural perspectives into the curricula. She is currently Chair of the Expert Community “Interna-tionalisation at Home” of the European Association for International Education (EAIE).