Lisa Breyer

Research interests and methodological approaches of policy analysis in adult education research

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2020, 21 Seiten

Band-Nr.: 43

Reihe: Internationales Jahrbuch der Erwachsenenbildung

Artikelnummer: 6004674w031

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DOI: 10.3278/6004674w031

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The article deals with an evolving strand in adult education research which is focused on policy. It is concerned with the question which methods are adopted by adult education research to generate findings regarding policy and how they depend on specific theoretical perspectives. To answer this research question, exemplary studies on international policy regarding the concept of lifelong learning are analysed and compared. Thereby, it is emphasized that a diversity of methods is necessary to research the complex object of adult education policy and that 'traditional' methods have to be supplemented by newly adopted perspectives and approaches.


Lisa Breyer was a research associate at the professorship of adult and further education at the University of Cologne from 2013 to 2019. Besides researching in the context of a doctoral project, her tasks also included teaching in educational science as well as the editorial supervision of the International Yearbook of Adult Education. Since August 2019, she is at the Volkshochschule Rhein-Erft leading the departments of German language and basic education.

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