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Michael Schemmann, Tom Sork

Trends and Issues in Canadian Adult Education Research

An Introduction to the Topic

Einzelner Beitrag

2018, 10 Seiten

Band-Nr.: 41

Reihe: Internationales Jahrbuch der Erwachsenenbildung

Artikelnummer: 6004672w007

E-Book Einzelbeitrag (PDF):
DOI: 10.3278/6004672w007

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The 41st volume of the International Yearbook of Adult Education is dedicated to Canadian Adult Education Research and is edited by Tom Sork as a guest editor and Michael Schemmann. The decision to focus on this topic goes back to the editor's last year's visit as a guest scientist at the University of British Columbia which allowed for several discussions about the current state of Adult Education Research in Canada and Germany. As a consequence, this volume is conceptualized to display the ongoing research of Canadian Adult Education in order to present a folio on which Adult Education Research in other countries can be reflected. As such this volume is meant to exhibit current topics and theoretical and methodological approaches as well as empirical findings which are highly relevant in Canadian Adult Education Research.

However, before presenting the concept of this year's volume, we want to give an overview of basic infrastructures and fora of Canadian Adult Education and in that way start off by mapping the field. We will begin with a brief historical overview of the development of Adult Education Research before taking a look at trends and issues over the time. To get an idea of the genesis of research topics over time, we will analyze both the themes of the annual conferences of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE) and the topics of the volumes of the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education (CJSAE). Following that step, we will introduce the concept of this volume and give an overview of the contributions before concluding with some remarks by the editor on changes concerning the International Yearbook of Adult Education.


Prof. Dr. Michael Schemmann is Professor of Adult and Continuing Education at the University of Cologne. His research interests concern structural developments in continuing education, research on organisations of adult education and internationally comparative adult education research.



Prof. Dr. Tom Sork is Professor at the Department of Educational Studies of the University of British Columbia. He currently serves on the Board of the International Society for Comparative Adult Education (ISCAE). His research focuses on program planning, professional ethics in adult education, and comparative and international adult education.


E-Book Einzelbeitrag

Michael Schemmann (Hg.)
Seite 5
Michael Schemmann; Tom Sork
Trends and Issues in Canadian Adult Education Research
An Introduction to the Topic
Seite 7-16
10,00 €
Ralf St. Clair
All dressed up and nowhere to go: PIAAC in Canada
Seite 19-31
13,00 €
Maren Elfert; Judith Walker
Level 3, Bureaucrats, and Stigmatization: Why "Mainstreaming" Literacy Failed in Canada
Seite 33-50
18,00 €
Shauna Butterwick
Out of the Shadows: Women's Adult Education Leadership in Canada
Seite 51-70
20,00 €
Francine Emmonds
Indigenous Approaches to Adult Basic Education Research: Lessons from the Elders
Seite 71-81
11,00 €
Dörthe Herbrechter; Eva Hahnrath; Xenia Kuhn
Professionelle Lerngemeinschaften als Konzept zur berufsbegleitenden Professionalitätsentwicklung
Ein narratives Review
Seite 85-105
21,00 €
Michael Schemmann; Dennis Klinkhammer
User-generated Student Course Evaluations:
(How) Can Key Competencies become Systematic Evaluation Parameters?
Seite 107-121
15,00 €
Carolin Radtke
Rezension: Schriftsprache im Kontext von Habitus und Milieu
Seite 125-127
3,00 €
Martina Engels
Rezension: Mixed Methods als methodologische Perspektive in den Sozialwissenschaften
Seite 129-131
3,00 €