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Birgit Wolf, Tobias Schmohl, Larisa Buhin, Michael Stricker (Hg.)

From Splendid Isolation to Global Engagement

Exploring Internationalization in Higher Education

This publication aspires to clarify and illustrate the role of higher education in promoting internationalisation, especially Internationalization at Home (IaH). It aims to highlight higher education's three central roles: teaching, research, and community service, each in its global context.
The anthology actively promotes change and development in the higher education sector and identifies strategies like online learning platforms and community partnerships that make higher education more accessible and enhance its benefits. The publication comprises two interconnected sections: the first addresses the evolving classroom dynamics due to IaH, focusing on curriculum adaptations for a varied student body. The second section delves into educational goals, emphasizing an international perspective.
Targeted at educators and researchers, the anthology offers guidance on integrating international and intercultural perspectives into curricula and teaching methods, with a focus on social inclusivity.
Larry Moneta
From Splendid Isolation to Global Engagement: Reflecting Global and Domestic Changes

Birgit Wolf, Tobias Schmohl, Larisa Buhin & Michael Stricker
From Splendid Isolation to Global Engagement: Exploring Internationalization in Higher Education - A Comprehensive Perspective

The Global Classroom

Kristin O'Rourke, Carolin Kreber
Understanding Implications and Considerations for International Students at a Canadian University

Søren S. E. Bengtsen
Doctoral Education In-the-World. (Dis-)Connections between Research and Society

Brian D. Crawford
The Liberal Arts Approach to Higher Education: A Case for the Humanities

Rebecca Charry Roje
"The Teacher always announced our Grades out loud." Student Motivation and International Practices in Assessment Privacy

Nadejda Burow, Michael Stricker
Academic Writing in the Study Entrance Phase

Marius Fahrner, Birgit Wolf, Christiane Schmieder
Teaching and Learning in Times of Social Distancing. Synchronous Lecture Formats and Student Competence Development

Karin Sonnleitner, Dominik Ruffeis
The Role of Formative Assessments in Competency-based Online Teaching of Higher Education Institutions

Nikolina Božinović, Ana Havelka Meštrović
Multicultural and Multilingual Learning Environments: Challenges and Advantages

Training Global Citizens

Larisa Buhin, Jules Moskovits
Respect, Reflect,Reflect, Revise: Teaching Multicultural Competencies in a Globalized Undergraduate Classroom

Holger Luedeke, Reinar Luedeke
Language Education as an Antecedent of Management Careers: Findings from a Long-Term Career Panel in Germany

Peter Theiss-Abendroth
Teaching Psychoanalysis at Touro Berlin

Iva Čondić-Jurkić
Valuation Projects: A Taste of Real Life in Finance Education

Majken Bieniok
The Self-Experience Format as an Innovation for Professional Teacher Trainings: The EVe-LaB Training Program as a Case Study

Peter Schmidt, Vanja Vejzagić
Financial Accounting in a Flipped Classroom:Experience and Insights

Holger Lüdeke, Sabra Brock
Does Business Familiarity Breed Liking or Critical Distance?
Birgit Wolf is a professor of management at Touro University Berlin (a campus of Touro University New York, USA) and a visiting professor for social management at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Arts, with a special interest in interdisciplinary research in higher education.

Tobias Schmohl is a professor and dean of research at the OWL Technical University of Applied Sciences and Art's Department of Media Production. He specializes in teaching and learning sciences, focusing on higher education studies, curriculum studies, and philosophy of science.

Larisa Buhin is a professor of psychology at Touro University Berlin (a campus of Touro University New York, USA). She specializes in multicultural counseling, antiracist education, social justice, and research on actions against hate speech in social media.

Michael Stricker is a professor of social management at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Arts. His research focuses on social entrepreneurship.

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Wolf, Birgit; Schmohl, Tobias; Buhin, Larisa & Stricker, Michael (Hg.) (2023). From Splendid Isolation to Global Engagement. Exploring Internationalization in Higher Education (1. Aufl.). Bielefeld: wbv Publikation.

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