Marc Wilde, Peter Mayer (Hg.)

Managing Change at Universities

A selection of case studies from Africa and Southeast Asia - Volume II

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DOI: 10.3278/104-262w

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The concept of "quality" is quite complex and challenging. In higher education, quality might be defined very differently by the various stakeholders: the students and graduates might see quality in terms of making sure they get well-paid jobs, the academics might define quality from the perspective of being able to enter in scientific debates, the ministries might define quality in terms of the efficient use of resources for reaching certain goals. But even when such issues of clarification of meanings are solved, what are the tools which work. And what does quality mean with respect to internationalisation? A number of papers in this book address quality management from various angles, and provide food for thought for those

who seek for good answers.

This book is the third in a series, and assembles contributions from authors who participated in the International Deans Course, a programme for leaders in higher education from East and West Africa and Southeast Asia respectively.


Mayer, P./Wilde, M. (Hg.): Managing Change at Universities. A selection of case studies from Africa and Southeast Asia - Volume II. Bielefeld 2015.

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