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Your own promotion materials

You are a course instructor planning a seminar and you would like to promote it? If so, you can create your own parenting course flyer. The reverse flyer page provides space for your own text and a portrait photo. Just follow these steps:

  • Register and log in on the wbv print portal:
  • Choose a flyer template.
  • Now you can enter your text, your photo and your contact details into the appropriate fields. Just one click and you see where to add text to the flyer.
  • Once your order is complete, your flyer will be printed.
individueller Flyer 'Elternkurs. vertrauen – spielen – lernen'

Individueller Flyer
"Elternkurs. vertrauen – spielen – lernen"

wbv-Druckportal für Flyer "Elternkurs"

individueller Flyer "Elternkurs. Ich bin so frei"

Individueller Flyer
"Elternkurs. Ich bin so frei"

wbv-Druckportal für Flyer "Elternkurs"


Posters for both courses are available in  A4 and A3 format.

ContactFor ordering your poster

Ramona Hey
Tel. (0521) 9 11 01-725