Martin Förster

Qualitätsdiskurs Produktionsschule

Am Beispiel des Qualitätssiegels Produktionsschule des Bundesverbandes Produktionsschulen e. V.

2017, 296 pages

Volumne no.: 42

Serial: Berufsbildung, Arbeit und Innovation - Dissertationen und Habilitationen

Item number: 6004572

ISBN: 978-3-7639-5800-9
E-book (PDF):
ISBN: 978-3-7639-5801-6

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  • Vocational training for disadvantaged young people

  • Developing educational quality

Production schools are educational institutions introducing disadvantaged young people to the working world. However, this type of school is neither specifically defined nor institutionalised. Moreover, pedagogical settings and quality assurance concepts at production schools are often insufficient. Using the example of the quality seal of Bundesverband Produktionsschulen e.V. (German association of production schools), the dissertation examines the means production schools as institutions have at hand to prove the quality of their support of disadvantaged persons and, at the same time, position themselves within the German educational landscape. The examined approaches to educational quality are essential for establishing production schools as an alternative to other forms of vocational training, particularly with respect to young refugees as an education group.

Suggested citation

Förster, M.: Qualitätsdiskurs Produktionsschule. Am Beispiel des Qualitätssiegels Produktionsschule des Bundesverbandes Produktionsschulen e. V.. Bielefeld 2017. ISBN: 978-3-7639-5800-9

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About the author/editor

Dr. Martin Förster is head of the vocational school of the vocational training centre Leipzig. In 2016, he earned his doctorate at the Institute for Vocational Pedagogy and Adult Education at Hanover University.