ProfilPASS | ProfilPASS for Young People

ProfilPASSA competence assessment system

The ProfilPASS system, which consists of the Workbook and of certified guidance, has proved successful since 2006. Based on a qualification scheme for further education practitioners and guidance providers, it ensures high quality standards of guidance and advice.

The Workbooks ProfilPASS and ProfilPASS für junge Menschen (ProfilPASS for Young People) enable users to assess and document their competencies systematically thus gaining a clear picture of their formal knowledge and informally obtained competencies. This way areas such as family, hobbies or voluntary work are also taken into account. The results of this competence assessment can be utilised for professional and personal development.

For many years these materials for competence assessment and documentation were used successfully and have been thoroughly revised in 2016.

The qualification scheme and the ProfilPASS were developed by the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) and the  Institut für Entwicklungsplanung und Strukturforschung an der Universität Hannover (IES) (institute for development planning and structural research at the University Hanover) and is evaluated regularly. The ProfilPASS is used by many further education institutions for various user groups.

ProfilPASS formats


The blue ProfilPASS is for adults aged 18 and over.

ProfilPASS für junge Menschen

The red ProfilPASS für junge Menschen (ProfilPASS for Young People) is used for children under 13 years and youths aged 13 and over. 

ProfilPASS für junge Menschen

Both ProfilPASSes offer a variety of instructional exercises and tasks to reflect individual skills and competencies thus supporting competence assessment methodically.

The two types of the ProfilPASS are suitable for combined use. For example youths, who use the red ProfilPASS to identify the right career path, can later transfer the assessment results to the ProfilPASS for adults and use them in follow-up assessments.

Media formatsFree accessible electronic version

Apart from ordering the print versions you can download both ProfilPASSes for free as accessible, printable PDF-files on and Alternatively, we also offer templates as free accessible PDF-files which you can fill in on your computer.

The content of the ProfilPASS and the ProfilPASS for Young People is published under Creative-Commons-Lizens BY-SY.

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