wbv gives content better prominence

Ways and means of publishing have changed radically in recent years. The digital era has made the publication of content fairly easy. Everybody can be an author and publicise their work online or through Print on Demand. The result is a vast abundance of publications and contributions of most variable quality.

wbv gives content better prominence. We provide accurately tailored solutions for publishing requirements. Whether it is about a single publication or whole book series, journals, information brochures or content management systems - our job is to edit knowledge and information electronically and in print. Specified meta data and a variety of distribution channels ensure that your publication can be found and obtained – nationally and internationally.

Our services benefit from our long-standing experience in the fields of education, vocation and social research. We incorporate your content in our publishing programme and support you while you work on your publication. We know how your audience researches, receives and processes information. We continuously improve our expertise in order to provide you with up-to-date solutions. In the process we cooperate with a network of innovative service providers who can tap the full potential of technological development.

As an independent family business we place great importance on reliability and we value the commitment of our staff. At wbv we make sure that there is always a personal customer contact available for you.

 Quick Profile



W. Bertelsmann Verlag GmbH & Co. KG





Managing Director:

W. Arndt Bertelsmann

Staff number:

60 (approx.)


Publishing and media services


Education, vocation, social research


Books and journals, e-books and e-journals, content management systems, expert information systems, information brochures, internet portals


Publishing services including consulting and concept development, design and production, marketing, sales and distribution

wbv – Company profile and ethos

wbv is a renowned publisher specialising in social sciences and an innovative media service provider with proven expertise in

  • specialist content
  • content management
  • cross media
  • service provision

Our core business is project management for modular publishing services based on these key functions

  • consulting and concept development
  • editing and layout
  • realisation and production
  • distribution and marketing

As a publishing service provider we develop individual information and media solutions, by using the full scope of print and electronic media.

Our services help our customers to achieve their goals and to focus on their core business knowing that they have a competent and reliable service provider on their side. We maintain long-term relationships with our customers, including public-private partnerships.

As a social sciences publisher we combine publications from institutions, publishers and authors under one brand name. We ensure the distribution of research results and expert information to the target audience through direct marketing and the bookselling trade in Germany and abroad.

W. Arndt Bertelsmann, Managing Director

W. Bertelsmann Verlag is an independent and owner-managed company. Our economic success is the foundation of our independence.

We focus on long-term corporate development combined with social responsibility and sustainable use of natural resources. We constantly build on our strengths by embracing new opportunities and turn our success into further innovation and investment. We are part of a network of innovative and reliable partners and our customers benefit from our ability to harness this full range of services.

W. Bertelsmann Verlag is an attractive employer. The commitment and competence of our staff are a major competitive advantage. Our employees take ownership and responsibility of their projects and have an active role in developing our business. Due to the continuous development of their competences and family-friendly working conditions, our employees create successful solutions for the requirements of our customers. As a result our employees have a stake in our company's success.



wbv has been acknowledged as a company committed to incorporating principles of gender equality in their human resources and payment policies.
wbv took part in a pilot project (Logib-D) which aims to contribute to developing managerial solutions for equal pay for men and women. In December 2013, at an event hosted by the Federal Ministery for Family, Elderly People, Women and Youth,  the State Secretary Lutz Stroppe awarded W. Arndt Bertelsmann with the certificate “Logib-D geprüft“ (Logik-D approved).

TÜV Nord (Technical Control Board North)

In 2017 the wbv management system underwent successful certification in the areas of subject and science publishing, media service provision and media logistics by the TÜV (German association for technical inspection) according to DIN ISO 9001 : 2015. An expert team of TÜV Nord (North Germany division of the TÜV) conducted an extensive audit in order to asssess processes and procedures within the company.
Compliance with the new 2015 version of the ISO standard requires a comprehensive management system which reaches far beyond quality management. The certified wbv management system provides reliability, compliance and sustainability in all departments and units of the company. Well-structured processes make work and cooperation with wbv attractive for customers and staff members alike. Internally and externally conducted audits deliver impulses for continuous improvement in all areas.
wbv was certified according to DIN ISO 9001 : 2008 for the first time in 2011.

Zertifikat TÜV Nord

The Bielefelder Bündnis für Familien (Bielefeld Alliance for Families)

The Bielefelder Bündnis für Familien (Bielefeld Alliance for Families) honoured the wbv as a family-friendly company: 

  • Family-friendly working time models, for example flexible hours with a flexible working time account
  • short-term adjustments of working hours to family needs
  • home office jobs
  • flexible opportunities for resuming work after parental leave
  • maintaining contact during parental leave
  • promoting acceptance of family leave (also for men taking parental leave)