Praktische Arbeitshilfe Export | Import

Praktische Arbeitshilfe Export/Import(German language publication)

Praktische Arbeitshilfe Export/Import

This practical guidebook

  • assists everyone  working in German export and import,
  • who need to learn how to deal with rafts of customs documents,
  • who would like to avoid mistakes when filling the forms,
  • who want to find information and save time,
  • who don't have to deal with export and import documents on a daily basis but still need to know what they are about.


“Praktische Arbeitshilfe“ is a joint project of ERFAGruppe Außenhandelspraxis (a group exchanging experience in foreign trade) of the chambers of commerce in North-Rhine Westphalia.

The authors work in foreign trade departments as experts on the practice of customs and foreign trade legislation.

"Dank ihrer guten Struktur und einfachen Benutzerführung ist die Praktische Arbeitshilfe ein wertvoller Helfer bei Ex- und Importvorgängen."
IHK Wirtschaftsmagazin Fulda