Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy

of W. Bertelsmann Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

The following will explain how your data are protected while you use our websites/online services. wbv complies with the statutory regulations for data protection. We treat the protection of personally identifiable data as a matter of course because we are committed to guarantee the protection of your privacy.
In addition it is our concern that you always know which data are stored while visiting our web pages and how we use them.

What are Personal Data?

Personal data are all details containing personal information about a particular or identifiable person and his/her circumstances. This includes information and details such as name, residential or postal address and telephone number.
Your e-mail address also represents personal data if it includes your name (example: Anonymous data, for example age, education, income level or gender, don't represent personal data.

When and Where are Your Data Collected and Stored?

If you buy something by subscription or order an item online wbv will ask you for your name, address and other details required.

These data will be stored on an especially protected server at wbv and will only be used for purposes to which you have given your consent. These data are transferred by a secure, encoded connection unless you have deactivated this option on the shopping basket page because of specific technical restrictions  (for example firewall settings).

If you register with us to gain access to chargeable content we won't store your personal data automatically. Processing chargeable transactions is the responsibility of the provider who has been commissioned with the provision of the respective service. Your data are therefore sent to this provider via a secure connection. However, if you wish to provide us with your data you have the option of agreeing to the transfer of your data during the transaction process by activating the appropriate button.

No Disclosure of Personal Data

wbv treats personal information sent by customers when ordering products or subscriptions with strict confidentiality. On no account personal data will be passed on to third parties.

Collection and Processing of User Data

If required wbv might gather demographic data (age, gender, place of residence, vocation, education etc.) of users of various services as well as information about their ways of using the internet. Demographic data and user habit data are separated from personal data and stored under an alias. The alias is a tag that replaces the name and other identification criteria. The pseudonymisation prevents identification of the person and is not indicative of a particular individual.

wbv gathers information for two reasons:
Firstly, we would like to provide our users with websites offering content and services which they find relevant and interesting. Collecting data gives us the opportunity to offer more individualised (not personalised) content and, as a result, to make our websites more beneficial for our users.

Secondly, we enable our advertising customers to reach their target markets as efficiently as possible while avoiding wastage. wbv publishes, for example, general user statistics ("70% use online service XY") to present our online services to potential partners, advertising customers and other interested parties or to be able to use them for other legally permitted purposes.
However, pseudonymisation of the data protects your privacy because the information is not indicative of a particular person.


Cookies are small text files which are used to record regular visits to particular websites. They cannot recognise, store or transmit personal data. Cookies used by wbv have an ID (identification number) which is only relevant for wbv websites and wbv online services and are not indicative of any identifiable person. A cookie is required for a so-called "session" (duration of a website visit) and ensures, for example, that the shopping basket feature works properly. Cookies are also needed for signing in when using the "Login" feature because they continue the "session-ID" during the session.

Cookies enable us to analyse how users use our websites and therefore to adjust the content of our services to the needs of our users. In addition, cookies help us to gauge the effectiveness/click rate, for example of advertising campaigns or e-mail newsletters.

Your browser allows you to activate or deactivate cookies. You can also set the cookies to be deleted when the browser window is closed. To do so please use the individual options for the browser settings.

Note: If cookies are deactivated they “forget“ the content of the shopping basket as soon as you go to another web page.

Information Request and Right of Withdrawal

You can always request immediate and free-of-charge information about your personal data stored at wbv. wbv reserves the right to provide this information electronically.

You have also the right to withdraw your permission for future use of your personal data at any time. 

In both cases please contact our service centre:
Customer Service/Data Protection:
E-mail: datenschutz(at)wbv(dot)de
Phone: 0049-(0)521-91101-0
Fax: 0049-(0)521-91101-19

Service hours: Mon - Thurs: 8.30am – 4.30pm, Fri : 8.30am - 2pm (except public holidays)

Web Analytics Service PIWIK

The tracking software Piwik ( records and analyses the movements and actions of website users. The IP address is stored anonymously, i.e. the last octet of the IP address is reset to 0. This ensures that the collected data cannot be traced to a particular person. The tracking software is only used for adjusting the website to the relevant technical requirements and for improving websites and online services for users. Passing data on to third parties is not possible.

Disallowing Web Analysis

Subject of Change

wbv reserves the right to change this Data Protection Statement in accordance with the relevant legal regulations whenever required.